Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

micrologistics is advanced and complicated stuff, like systems within systems. Getting vehicles, packages and people to dance, in a manner of speaking. We want you to root out slipups in managing the flow of goods into and around the city and this will require some advanced choreography. So, for this year’s design competition, micrologistics, we decided to team up with Toyota Motor Europe for an integrated approach. What we want from you are ideas that make urban logistics systems work every time, all the time.

This is your challenge.

Examine the different facets of this multi-dimensional problem, and pinpoint the specific area that you want to tackle. We want you to examine the issues holistically, and then resolve them specifically. We expect to see a multitude of solutions, all aiming to weed out what’s faulty, and replacing it with something that improves certain aspects of the urban logistics system. Or replaces the system with something superior.

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A challenge within a challenge.

With the world and people’s needs undergoing accelerated change, traditional design submissions are simply not going to be enough. Below are the judging criteria on which your work will be assessed.

  • Toyota heritage and brand.
  • Aesthetics.
  • Sensitivity to the environment, the community and the local economy.
  • Safety and user-friendliness.
  • Innovation and usefulness.
  • Realistic to implement.

Information about Toyota, philosophy, heritage and brand is available on the About Toyota webpage.

Different areas you might want to turn your attention to are:

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How to deliver

vehicle and product solutions for urban micrologistics.

What to deliver

packaging and good organization solutions to keep things in order.

Where/when to deliver

a system-based, business case approach to keep all things flowing nicely.

Who will deliver

an app or service-based proposal to help navigate the sea of parcels.

These areas can, of course, be mixed and matched to enrich and provide added value to your submission.

Screening dates & processes

Following the competition deadline, a panel of industry judges will evaluate all complete submissions and will select the finalists based on the judging criteria listed above. Semi finalists will get feedback from the jury towards the end of November and a chance to rework their proposals for the final jury session. Deadline for reworked submissions is 12 January 2022. The revised submissions will be presented on the competition’s website in February 2022. Experts and industry leaders will make the final decision and select the winners of the competition. Visit Prizes & Jury for more details about the jury (jury members will be announced in May 2021).

The award will be given provided the winning submission is of sufficient quality and meets basic eligibility criteria. The judges’ decision is final and cannot be appealed. The judges reserve the right to elect not to select a winner if a sufficient level of quality is not reached.

The competition organizers reserve the right to choose the winners at their sole discretion. Although not anticipated, competition rules and prizes may be changed or altered at any time.


This competition is open to university design students and recent graduates (2021) of an accredited university. Applicants can apply individually or in teams of up to three members. We encourage multi-disciplinary teams. When competing as a team pick a team leader, who will be responsible for the registration and all communication regarding this challenge.

Although the competition is focused on industrial design, product design, transportation design and interaction design students with a background in business, fashion, engineering, architecture etc. are also encouraged to submit their work.

Only participants, who belong to an accredited undergraduate or graduate university programme, or recent graduates (2021), are eligible to participate in the competition. Proof of enrolment (or graduation) will be requested of all finalists.

Work Submission

Submissions should consist of the following:

  • Concept title (finalist entry will be viewable by the public).
  • Concept image to represent your solution (finalist entry will be viewable by the public).
  • A short description of the concept, max 150 words (finalist entry will be viewable by the public).
  • File containing the detailed description of the design concept in PDF, max 4 pages.
  • Optional: file containing video or animations of the concept and design.

Your file submission should adhere to the following rules:

  • Surprise our judges with a visual concept that demonstrates quality and clarity throughout your design. Make sure you incorporate the feedback you received from the jury and pay attention to the judging criteria.
  • The work should be presented in A3 landscape layout and include a detailed description of the concept in English.
  • Only one entry per participant/team is accepted. Each participant/team can register only once.
  • For team entries, members must nominate a leader and contact person. The team leader is responsible for sharing the prize with other team members.
  • We encourage participants to form cross-discipline teams representing areas such as business, UX design, industrial design, transport design, architecture, town planners…
  • Remember, presentation counts – entries that are presented professionally will have a clear advantage. Written explanations should be typewritten, and sketches should be clearly identified and explained.
  • Submissions must be the applicant’s/applicants’ own creation, must not be in production and must not have been previously published or exhibited.

Your entry will be thoroughly reviewed by a prominent judging panel. Semi-finalists will be contacted in November 2021. We look forward to reviewing your design!

Terms & Conditions

When registering an account, it is necessary to accept the Terms & Conditions below.

These include:

  • All users must provide submissions that the user has created him/herself.
  • All users must provide personal information that is truthful and accurate.
  • Toyota Material Handling Europe reserves the right to exclude users at its sole discretion.
  • The winner is solely responsible for all applicable taxes related to the acceptance of the prize.

Intellectual Property Rights

The applicant warrants that the work submitted is his/her own creation and that the work does not include nor infringe any third-party intellectual property rights.

The applicant grants Toyota Material Handling Europe an exclusive, irrevocable, worldwide, unrestricted right to use the work free of charge for any purpose, such as (but not limited to) publishing submitted work.

The applicant grants to Toyota Material Handling Europe an exclusive option to, by 30 June 2022, acquire the intellectual property rights to the work. If Toyota Material Handling Europe does not exercise the option, the intellectual property rights shall be vested in the applicant and the applicant shall be entitled to use his/her work as of 30 June 2022.

The applicant acknowledges that the know-how, which is already within Toyota Material Handling Europe when the work was submitted or, which at a later stage and independently from the work will be developed by Toyota Material Handling Europe or, which Toyota Material Handling Europe otherwise benefits from, can be used without restrictions and that such use will not infringe the applicant’s intellectual property rights.

Use of the Applicant’s Personal Data

Toyota Material Handling Europe will use the personal data you submit (name, contact details and the name of your university) in connection with the competition for the purpose of administering the competition, evaluating the work and for statistical purposes. Your name and the name of your university will also be used to check your status as a student. Names and university names of finalists will be communicated publicly in our different marketing channels.

If you have any questions with regard to the use of your personal data or want to amend your personal data, please contact Toyota Material Handling Europe Design Center at


The applicant hereby undertakes to keep secret and not to disclose to any third-party, and not to otherwise use the work submitted in this competition under these terms and conditions.

The applicant acknowledges that any disclosure to third parties of the confidential ideas included in the work may jeopardize the possibilities for registering the intellectual property rights to the work. In the event that the applicant has disclosed any such confidential ideas to third parties before submitting the competition entry, the applicant undertakes to inform Toyota Material Handling Europe immediately of the nature and extent of any such disclosure.

This non-disclosure undertaking shall remain valid until Toyota Material Handling Europe informs the applicant that Toyota Material Handling Europe will not exercise its option to acquire the intellectual property rights to the work according to section above.

No Reimbursement or Employment

Applicants are not entitled to any compensation or reimbursement for any costs. The applicant’s participation shall not constitute employment, assignment or offer of employment or assignment.