Toyota Logistic Design Competition

Every little bit counts.

Circle of life means more now.

You know the idea, of course. That the death of one thing gives life to another. Lovely. But the death of our planet (which is under serious threat, according to science) won’t give rise to a new one. As far as we know.

Therefore: The challenge this time around is promoting circular economy through logistics. Possibly a bigger challenge than in any of our previous competitions. Which means traditional design submissions are simply not going to be enough. You need to widen your scope. Big time.

Big news, one: Everything you send in will be placed in one of three categories. Big news, two: Every category winner will receive (a whacking) 5,500 Euros. Ok?

Vehicle/Transportation and Industrial/Product design.
New ideas and designs for means of transport and products that promote circularity and sustainability in the logistics and mobility area.

User interface, User experience design and Service design.
New ideas for apps, digital services and IOT that can promote circularity and sustainability in the logistics and mobility area.

Business innovation design.
New ideas for revenue streams, business cases and completely new business proposals that promote circularity and sustainability in the mobility and logistics area.

It's all about sensitivity to the environment, the community and the local economy.

It's all about sensitivity to the environment, the community and the local economy.

That’s what this year’s competition is all about. And that is the whole idea of a circular economy.

Like we said above, traditional design submissions simply aren’t going to cut the mustard, this time around. Your work is also expected to take these following factors into consideration:

  • Toyota heritage and brand.
  • Aesthetics.
  • Safety and user-friendliness.
  • Innovation and usefulness.
  • Realistic to implement.

You have until 18 December 2023 at 23.59 pm CET time to submit your design. At any time before 18 December you can revoke and edit your entry.

Team up!

We encourage team submissions. The more multidisciplinary, the better. Grab your engineering, project management and marketing student friends and form a full-fledged design competition crew. Individual or design-only teams are always welcome as well. You can now join our discord server and head over to the TLDC channel. You can use the forum to exchange ideas, chat and even form international teams. Join our Discord here:

It’s not for tomorrow.
It’s for 2042!

The concepts we’re looking for have to strike a delicate balance between the lofty and visionary, on the one hand. While at the same time being both realistic and possible to implement. We’re thinking the target year for your inventions is 2042. So the technology your ideas rely on is either here. Or will be within the near future. We shall be paying extra attention to process innovation, and the tools used in the design work. Other bits that will catch our eyes are a compelling narrative, scenario and storytelling. Not least important – as always – is your general presentation and aesthetics.

Submissions should include a 2D or 3D representation of the object, along with a description of the design concept and how circular economy and logistics were incorporated. The submission should also include a sustainability report outlining the environmental impacts of the object's production, use, and end-of-life scenarios. Each of the three winners will receive a €5,500 cash prize and have the opportunity to showcase their design at a sustainability event. Let’s go circular!