Toyota Logistic Design Competition (TLDC) 2024

Toyota Logistic Design Competition

Toyota Logistic Design Competition (TLDC) 2024

Every little bit counts.

It’s taken us humans a very long time to realize that everything we do, everything we make leaves a trace. We pay a price for getting what we want. Be it cars, food, medication, metals, cosmetics… Pretty much everything. And sometimes that trace is utterly undesirable. A form of impact that amounts to a serious threat to all of us. Like pollution, erosion, deforestation, loss of species and so on, and so forth. The list is long, indeed. What’s recently become huge on the agenda is climate change. We need to tackle this, big time! The old linear economy has got to go. Where we transformed raw materials into products and, then, when they’d they done their job, we threw them away; they became waste. It just isn’t sustainable.

Circle of life.

What the world needs now (has done for quite a while) is a circular economy. Where things we make aren’t thrown away. They’re used again, and again, and again. And may well turn up in guises we couldn’t have anticipated. Like the girl’s blade in the film. She’s wearing it to help her run. In medical terms it’s called a transfibial prosthesis. Whatever it was in a previous life, we don’t know. But we like the idea that it’s been used before. And that it helps this girl realize one of her dreams. A big dream.

We need to get
a grip on logistics.

So, we’re in dire straits. Which means that if we, us humans, want to be able to continue living on this planet, we need to get to grips with things. And that involves logistics, too. For a start, transport emissions need to go right down. As it is, they’re an environmental offender. Also, supply chains need to play a much tighter game. Plus, we must learn how to use resources in a far cleverer way.

Here’s what we want you to do.

We’re sure you’ve already got it, but here’s the challenge put more succinctly. We want you to come up with ideas for how circular economy principles can be applied to logistics. Where waste is brought down to a minimum, and resources are used to create as little negative impact on the environment as possible. Ultimately, of course, your ideas, inventions and solutions are all about improving people’s lives. And maybe, even, helping them achieve their goals and dreams. Big task for you. Clearly. So, if you aspire to be a winner you’ve got to demonstrate how circular economy and logistics can work together. We would like your contribution not only to be innovative, but also scalable, with a clear plan for implementation. Should you get this far, whoah, there’s a cash prize in the offing. And more!

They say money makes the world go round.

The winner in each category will be handsomely rewarded. Not only will they receive 5,500 Euros. But winners and finalists will also have the opportunity to apply for an internship with one of the Toyota Design studios. But it gets even better: the winner and finalist works will also be displayed at Milano Design Week and Paris 2024 Olympics-Paralympics event.

This year not only the winners are able to get their hands on prizes and perks. In fact, it’s a well-established tradition within the TLDC to provide detailed feedback from industry professionals to our semi-finalists and finalists – to really push their projects and presentations to the next level.

As a part of TMHE Design Center’s collaboration with Vizcom, we are happy to provide the chosen semi-finalists with Vizcom accounts, so that they may harness the power of advanced Artificial Intelligence design tools to their advantage.