The show must go on

So, on 18 November we'll be announcing the winners of the TLDC 2020 competition. While the pandemic set us back, the contributions to this year's baggage handling challenge really moved us forward. You'll soon be able to witness it!

Baggage handling —


Just working out how many pairs of socks you need when you’re off to the Seychelles, Milan or Timbuktu is a struggle in itself. The transfers also take it out of you. Be it trekking for miles at Frankfurt or misreading signs at Tokyo’s Narita airport. At long last you’re at the conveyor, waiting for that precious bag. Suitcase after suitcase rolls up, people yank them off the belt, but yours is nowhere to be seen. Damnation.

Maybe you feel you’d want to do something about this. Not just to rescue your own bag, but to improve or perhaps even change the whole system of baggage handling. Statistics reveal that 21.6 million bags were, as they put it, mishandled in 2016. Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? Then again more than four billion bits of baggage were handled by airports in 2017. So, whichever way you look at it, baggage handling is a major operation.

The finalists have been selected! —

Out of an amazing 2,397 proposals, from all over the world, on how to make baggage handling fly, we’re now down to ten finalists!

Two of the contributors are Hungarian. Then there’s one from Thailand, and one from Turkey, respectively. And finally, as many as six finalists come from the US.

The daunting task of our second jury was to reduce the number of semi-finalists further. After much deliberation we were able to single out ten finalists. (You can view them in brief on the finalist page.)

Due to the extraordinary situation in the world, as we mentioned above, three winners will be presented – not in April but at a later stage.