Pandemic puts our design competition on hold.

Due to the virulent corona virus, we’ve decided to put the Toyota Logistic Design Competition prize ceremony and exhibits on hold.

While design is very close to our heart, human life simply is more important. So, to all of you, whose contributions make the TLDC a marvellous event, we’ll just have to ask you to be patient.

We’ll be keeping you posted, as things ease up.

Toyota Material Handling Design Center

Logistics is a huge and growing global business, where the challenge is finding the best way of moving things, at the lowest cost to businesses and the environment. The requirements vary from one business area to the next. What will work for the medical field may not be appropriate for the car industry nor for airports, for instance. The needs for specialised solutions keep growing.

The Toyota Material Design Center is built around a team of dedicated professionals, who have the creative wherewithal to come up with the right designs for the right business areas. These designs are obviously not only about aesthetics, but are firmly rooted in function. The products and services we deliver must do the job. All the time, every time. But they also have to look right, and be right for the user. All our work pays tribute to Toyota’s core values – safety, durability, productivity, driveability, and simplicity. Our survival and success in the logistics industry demands we find the most talented, the most forward-thinking designers in the business. That’s why we launched the Toyota Logistic Design Competition (TLDC) back in 2014. Now it’s time for the 2020 challenge: Baggage handling at airports.

About Toyota

Toyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE) is the European headquarters of the Toyota Material Handling Group, which is a part of the Toyota Industries Corporation – the global leader in material-handling equipment. Toyota Material Handling Europe provides businesses of all sizes, in more than 30 European countries, with a full range of counterbalanced forklift trucks, warehouse equipment/services, added-value solutions and innovations. Over 90% of the trucks are manufactured at our European factories, in Sweden, France and Italy – all to Toyota Production System’s (TPS) quality standards.

One of TMHE’s business areas is Airport, where Toyota offers a wide range of tow tractors produced by Italian SIMAI, specialists in the towing business. The company is a part of Toyota Material Handling Europe.

Vanderlande, also a part of Toyota Industries, is the global market leader for value-added logistic process automation at airports. Its baggage handling systems are installed at some 600 airports.

Toyota Industries Corporation (quick facts and figures).


Toyota Material Handling Europe


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